Civil Litigation

Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution

If you are owed money we will help you collect in a cost effective manner.  Should your claim be contested we have a dedicated team able to assess the merits and prospects of success of pursuing the claim economically, we can also guide you through alternative methods of resolution encompassing mediation, arbitration and negotiation where necessary know your opponents and their assets.  We will advise you on the issues and risks involved.  We shall avoid Court if we can but if not we will fight to get the best possible outcome.

Financial Disputes – Property Issues

We have experience of a variety of civil litigation disputes where there have been breaches of contract (oral and written), claims for residential and commercial possession and claims for and against adverse possession.  We handle all land claims small or large – evicting trespassers and resolving a claim where the integrity of a marina is suspect.  We specialise in professional negligence cases, especially Solicitors.

Our Civil Team: