Notary Public

The role of a notary has taken on increasing importance over recent years. Individuals and businesses operate across many jurisdictions, and the notary public helps ensure their legal documents are recognised as such when abroad. At Clark Brookes Turner Cary Solicitors, our in house notary, John Edwards, has many years of experience helping clients with notarial matters.

What does a notary do?

The notary public is an ancient institution, whose primary role is to prepare and certify documents for use abroad. Obtaining this certification can be required in a great many types of situations. Examples of when you are likely to need the services of a notary include:

  • If you are getting married abroad
  • Dealing with property outside of the UK after the death of a relative
  • Pursuing a business goal aboard
  • Obtaining a professional qualification outside of the UK
  • Notaries also assist with the paperwork for immigration and emigration, and often work alongside solicitors from other areas of law.

Our in house notary

Most notaries in the UK are also qualified solicitors. John Edwards, our in house notary public, is also a wills and probate solicitor. He is well known for helping businesses and individuals in West Bromwich and throughout the West Midlands and uses his deep experience of notarial work and private client practice to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Whether you are administering an estate or working abroad, call our West Bromwich office to make an appointment with John Edwards for notarial advice.